DIAP Case Studies

Each time DIAP is installed at a production site, the management as well as the worker on the production floor will get a new perspective on their production. Read on and see how DIAP has revealed the hidden potential for some of our customers.

Amanda Seafoods increases efficiency by 33% 

At Amanda Seafoods, they have digitalized their production with DIAP. After only six months, it has made a difference and shown tangible results.

DIAP helps ensure smooth production of enormous pipes

At IBF, DIAP is used to track stop causes in the production of enormous pipes that are used to guide the water away during rainstorms. Tracking the stops digitally has given the company useful insight that helps reduce downtime.

DIAP helps improve productivity at Novozymes

At Novozymes, DIAP is used to collect and analyze OEE data on 6 packaging lines. In just a few months, this has resulted in an increase of production efficiency.

Data collection increases productivity by 25%

Danish Crown Beef uses DIAP to collect OEE data from 4 lines for production of minced beef. In only 3 months, this has resulted in a productivity increase of 25%.

Real-time data collection at Smurfit Kappa

At Smurfit Kappa, DIAP is used for collecting real-time data. The set-up was easy and in only 2 days, DIAP has saved the company for 8,000 EUR.

Tracking stop causes makes maintenance simpler

To identify the stop causes on one of the main production lines, Kohrener Landmolkerei has installed DIAP OEE. With the new data insight, they know what causes downtime and where to take action.

Digitalization increases output by 10% at GPV

For data collection and calculation of OEE on 4 state-of-the-art SMT production lines, DIAP was the futureproof choice for the global EMS manufacturer GPV

Complete traceability of wind turbine installations

Installing a wind turbine can be a complex process with large forces involved. The data collected by DIAP ensures complete traceability of the installation process and plays an important part in the documentation of the process.

On-demand remote service brings ENABL closer to the customer

The DIAP remote access application allows ENABL A/S to access production lines all over the world and offer their customers 24/7 support and service from their Danish headquarter.

Pump vibration monitoring

By monitoring vibration of wastewater pumps at Danish utility company Skanderborg Forsyning, DIAP is used to predict pump breakdowns and plan maintenance much more efficiently than before.

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