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We create the digital framework for visualizing and documenting data, supporting suppliers within the wind industry.

Digitalizing the wind industry

The wind industry is by nature an innovative sector. Digitalizing productions is already an integrated part of many companies within the wind energy industry. But digitalization can still drive further improvements in operational efficiency, decision making, and cost-efficiency.

This will be crucial in achieving the ambitious future growth targets for large wind energy companies as well as suppliers within the industry.

Digitalize your documentation with DIAP

DIAP provides suppliers within the wind energy industry with a tangible tool to visualize and document data.

Our work within the industry

We have helped several companies digitalize their production. Check out our hero case studies within the wind industry.

Case: Traceability of wind turbine installations

Installing a wind turbine can be a complex process with large forces involved. The data collected by DIAP ensures complete traceability of the installation process and plays an important part in the documentation of the process.

DIAP has been made an integrated part of the equipment used for lifting nacelles, towers, and blades. DIAP collects data directly from the control system

Michael Lund Gregersen, Senior Service Manager

Case: Remote service brings Enabl closer to the customer

On-demand remote service brings Enabl closer to the customer. DIAP remote access application allows Enabl A/S to access production lines all over the world and offer their customers 24/7 support and service from their Danish headquarter.

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