Remote Access software application

Connect to your machines - anytime, anywhere. With the on-demand remote access application, you can access machines and equipment all over the world from your PC, tablet or smartphone. All you need to do is to connect DIAP to the machines via Ethernet or WiFi

Machine access from anywhere, at anytime

With DIAP, you can combine data collection and visualization with remote access to machines and equipment. The advantages are many and the optimization potential significant. Remote access can be used to:

  • troubleshoot and reprogram PLCs, robots and industrial PCs
  • support technicians on site
  • view and control machine interface


How it works

Using the DIAP remote access interface, communication is set up as a secure remote connection through the DIAP cloud. An outbound connection is created from the DIAP connected to the equipment, and communication is initiated via the secure communication channel already integrated in DIAP.

Combine data collection with remote access

If you are a machine builder or system integrator, DIAP remote access allows you to assist your customers even after commissioning, and offer customized service agreements based on production data collected by DIAP.

As a manufacturing company, you will be able to access and service equipment located at multiple sites from one main location.

In both cases, travel and maintenance costs will be significantly reduced and daily operations will be simplified as everything is included in DIAP.

Case study: On-demand remote service brings you closer to the customer

The DIAP remote access application allows Enabl A/S to access production lines all over the world and offer their customers 24/7 support and service from their Danish headquarter.

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