The production of the future is digitalized and sustainable

Many companies with industrial processes hold great business potential. We know that you can achieve large savings and great benefits if your production is digitalized and sustainable. Our digitalization platform DIAP allows you to act now. Bring your manufacturing company to the next level today.

Who we are

Data Intelligence A/S is a pioneering company working in the field of Industry 4.0. We wish to help manufacturing companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality by collecting, analyzing, and visualizing production data.

With the will to change status quo and redefining the rules in the industry we have developed a leading digitalization platform to generate valuable data-based knowledge for all manufacturing companies. DIAP is the name of our IIoT platform that allows you to gain an overview of your entire production and optimize exactly where it is needed.

Reducing costs, improving quality, increasing productivity, doing things smarter, or making better use of the resources – it all starts with DIAP. You make the changes, but we enable you to do so.

Industries we help

33% more efficiency by tracking stop causes

At Amanda Seafoods, they have digitalized their production with DIAP. After only six months, it has made a difference and shown tangible results.

DIAP increases production efficiency at Novozymes

At Novozymes, DIAP is used to collect and analyze OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) data on 6 packaging lines. In just a few months, this has resulted in an increase of production efficiency.

Moving towards a sustainable production

Digitalizing is part of the solution, and energy monitoring is an efficient tool to stay proactive. You will know exactly where to increase efforts to optimize your production, reduce energy costs, and become more sustainable.

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