We create the digital framework for making the most of production lines in the EMS industry.

Digitalizing the EMS industry

The electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry faces the challenges of global competition. This means that companies must stay profitable by becoming and remaining more cost-efficient.

Digitalization within the EMS industry holds great potential. Digitalizing production lines can take the production to the next level, so companies do not just survive, but thrive.

Digitalize your production with DIAP

By monitoring the production with DIAP, it is possible to see exactly where the production can be optimized. Check out more advantages.

Our work within the industry

We have helped several companies digitalize their production. Check out our hero case studies within the EMS industry.

Case study | GPV

For data collection and calculation of OEE on 4 state-of-the-art SMT production lines, DIAP was the futureproof choice for the global EMS manufacturer GPV.


We use the easy OEE overview provided by DIAP as a starting point for discussions about what went well in the production and where we can improve even further. Even the smallest improvements of production efficiency matter.

Anders Thomsen, Plant Manager GPV Denmark

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