We create the digital framework for making the most of production lines in the packaging industry.

Digitalizing the packaging industry

The packaging industry plays a role in nearly all industries. Solid growth is expected in the coming years.

In the meantime, demands about sustainability from consumers and authorities continue to grow. To stay in the competition, more efficient and environmentally friendly packaging is required.

Ensuring sustainable production is a place to start.

To do so, an essential focus is to monitor the energy consumption and realizing where to adjust the production to become more sustainable.

Digitalize your production with DIAP

DIAP provides the insight you need to optimize your production in order to become more efficient and to ensure more sustainable energy consumption.


Our work within the industry

We have helped several companies digitalize their production. Check out our hero case studies within the packaging industry.

Case study | Smurfit Kappa

At Smurfit Kappa, DIAP is used for collecting real-time data. The set-up was easy and in only 2 days, DIAP has saved the company 8,000 EUR.

We are planning to make a large investment in new equipment, and with DIAP we will be able to collect and visualize data from our existing processes

Christian Lund, Project Engineer at Smurfit Kappa

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