Collection of real-time data pays off immediately

Learn how packaging manufacturer Smurfit Kappa benefits from DIAP

At Smurfit Kappa in Denmark, DIAP is used for collecting real-time data. The set-up was easy and in only 2 days, DIAP has saved the company for 8,000 EUR. The positive result has encouraged Smurfit Kappa to immediately install DIAP at a similar unit at one of their other Danish plants.

Case Study

Realtime data from a cooling unit 

As a start, Smurfit Kappa is using DIAP to collect realtime data from a cooling unit. Project Engineer, Christian Lund, has recently started using DIAP. And with good results. Christian explains:

”We have – to begin with – connected DIAP to our cooling unit where we were experiencing some technical issues. By collecting realtime temperature data for only 2 days, it became clear to us that the issue was not as we had assumed. This fact alone has already delivered savings in the amount of 8,000 EUR.”

Easy set-up and configuration

Although important, the immediate savings are not the only positive outcome of Smurfit Kappas experience with DIAP. The system was extremely easy to install and configure, and within a few hours, realtime data was being visualized in a DIAP dashboard. Christian elaborates:

”To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. Everyone seems to think that their products are intuitive and easy to use, and this is unfortunately not always the case. With DIAP, however, things were different. I spent less than 2 hours configuring the system, and the collected data is already of great value to us”.

Simple visualization of realtime data

In the day-to-day operation, it is important that everyone is able to get an overview of the current production status. Christian Lund is convinced that DIAP will play an important part in this area as well:

”When you want to visualize data to different user groups, simplicity and transparency are essential parameters. And this is one of the areas where DIAP is very useful. The DIAP dashboards let me visualize exactly the data I want in a simple manner that is understandable to everyone”.

Next step with DIAP

“Next step for us is to use DIAP for data collection in connection with an internal transport project. We are planning to make a large investment in new equipment, and with DIAP we will be able to collect and visualize data from our existing processes” Says Christian Lund.

In the longer run, the company will be extending the system to cover other areas and projects as well.

Realtime data from a cooling unit

Example of one of the dashboards at Smurfit Kappa:

We are planning to make a large investment in new equipment, and with DIAP we will be able to collect and visualize data from our existing processes

Christian Lund, Project Engineer at Smurfit Kappa

About Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa is a global supplier of paper-based packaging. The company has 350 production sites around the world and locations in 21 countries in Europe and 12 countries in the Americas.

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