Data collection increases production efficiency at Novozymes

DIAP helps to improve productivity

At Novozymes, DIAP is used to collect and analyze OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) data on 6 packaging lines. In just a few months, this has resulted in an increase of production efficiency. The company is now implementing DIAP on other packaging lines.

Case Study

The challenge

As part of the ongoing work on production optimization, Novozymes searched for a flexible data collection system for calculating and visualizing OEE on their packaging lines.

The company was looking for a system that was easy to install, flexible in relation to other systems used and easily accessible to all user groups in the production.

The solution

Initially, DIAP has been installed on 6 packaging lines. The system collects OEE data via sensors and the operators on the line record downtime and reasons for downtime on iPads that are available to all operators.

On large screens located in different parts of the packaging area, DIAP’s OEE dashboards show the current efficiency of the packaging lines. In this way, all employees have a common overview of daily operations.

Wahib Joseph Abboud, Optimization Lead in Digital Change Management at Novozymes, has been responsible for the DIAP installation and startup, and he is very pleased:

“Our collaboration with DIAP works really well. We are a large company with many stakeholders, but DIAP has been very responsive to our needs and helpful with making the necessary adjustments,” says Wahib Joseph Abboud and continues: “We have a good dialogue with DIAP’s support team, who quickly respond to our requests to ensure that we get maximum benefit from the product. That means a lot in our daily operations”.

For Novozymes, having a flexible system that can be adapted to different types of equipment and user needs has been extremely important. The same applies to having easy access to a support team that is able to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

The Outcome

  • Improvement of production efficiency.
  • More structured problem solving.
  • Good overview of errors and stop causes.
  • High degree of operator involvement.
  • Simple and flexible solution adaptable to business needs.
  • Quick and effective support.

We use DIAP's dashboards and reports at daily meetings, where we review the stops that have been going on for the past 24 hours. It gives us a much more structured approach to problem solving

Wahib Joseph Abboud, Optimization Lead in Digital Change Management

Novozymes now registers all stops

By registering all stops on the lines Novozymes has improved production efficiency in just a few months.


Gain immediate overview of all stop reasons

By applying the relevant stop reason each time a unit is standing still, you will gain a complete overview of why and for how long your equipment has been stopped.


Visualize downtime

Enter unit-specific stop reasons Automatically register duration of stops. Sort views based on order, product or opreating shift

About Novozymes

Novozymes is a global biotechnology company that researches, develops and manufactures industrial enzymes, microorganisms and biopharmaceutical ingredients. Novozymes is headquartered in Denmark and employs approx. 6,000 employees in more than 30 countries.

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