Digitalization increases output by 10% at GPV

Data collection with strong potential

For data collection and calculation of OEE on 4 state-of-the-art SMT production lines, DIAP was the futureproof choice for the global EMS manufacturer GPV. By measuring OEE alone, GPV has in only 6 months been able to increase their output by 10%

Case Study

The challenge

In 2016, global EMS manufacturer GPV made a major investment in high-tech production lines for their SMT production in Denmark. The investment was made with the purpose of consolidating GPV’s position as global leader in a market characterized by high requirements to both quality and flexibility.

To ensure the highest possible performance of their new production lines, GPV started looking for a solution that would help them calculate the OEE of their production. With a modern production environment, the operators at GPV play an important role in the daily production, and GPV was therefore searching for a solution that would involve the active contribution of the employees. In addition, they wanted a future-proof system targeted for industrial use and offering the possibility of future expansions.

The solution

In March 2018, the DIAP platform was installed in the SMT production in Denmark. DIAP collects real-time data from all 4 production lines and sends the data to a secure cloud storage. From here, the DIAP OEE application analyzes and visualizes the data.

By measuring OEE alone, GPV has in only 6 months been able to increase their output by approx. 10%. However, they see a strong potential in DIAP and are planning to use more of the features included in the platform as soon as possible.

”The DIAP platform will let us measure so much more than OEE. As soon as we are ready, we will start using the other DIAP functionalities such as alarm monitoring and analysis of various types of real-time data,” says Anders Thomsen. In the slightly longer term, the Predicitive Maintenance application included in the DIAP platform will also be of interest to GPV

Apart from the obvious benefits of its functionalities, GPV chose DIAP due to the global set-up and the fact that they will be able to use the platform equally in all of their production sites.

The Outcome

  • Output increase of 10%
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Real-time OEE overview
  • Data collection and automatic analysis
  • Maximum performance of state-of-the-art equipment
  • Secure cloud storage

We use the easy OEE overview provided by DIAP as a starting point for discussions about what went well in the production and where we can improve even further. Even the smallest improvements of production efficiency matter.

Anders Thomsen, Plant Manager GPV Denmark

Watch case video

Watch the full video of GPV using DIAP for data collection and calculation of OEE on 4 state-of-the-art SMT production lines.

The OEE overview is presented both at management meetings and at daily meetings on the shop floor. In this way, operators as well as managers gain insight into the actual state of the production and can bring improvement ideas to the table.

About GPV

GPV is a global EMS-partner specialized within high-mix/low-medium volume EMS. GPV’s more than 1,000 employees operate from production sites in Europe, Asia and the Americas. GPV’s factories only use the latest generation of production equipment, and their internal technology road maps establishes communality between the production sites.

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